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No.3 Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Manjalara 52200 Kepong. Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:

Kepong Village Mall:
9:30am - 10:30pm daily

The Kepong Village Mall is as inviting as home. There is something for everyone. Groceries, gourmet delights, cineplexes, gadget shops and even a fitness centre. It's all here at your neighbourhood mall!

Kepong Village Mall

Floor Plan

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Level 1

Food & Beverage
F-03 & 13 Opening Soon!
F-08 Sushi King
F-14 Subway
FL-01 & 02 Chatime
FL-03  Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks
FL-04 Bean Garden
FL-05 Frosty Delight
FC Foodcourt
E-Yan Trading
F-15 My Axis Travel

Entertainment & Games
F-C1 MBO Cinema
F-01 & F-02 Edibee
F-17 Ocean Playland

Fashion & Accessories
F-04 Aritma Filter
F-06 Guerilla Games
F-07 Quality Accessories
F-09 Enamor Beauty
F-10 & 11 Korean Beauty House
F-12  Vytrade
F-16  Samsung

Level G

Food & Beverage
G-01 Starbucks
G-02 Starbucks 
G-08 & G-09 Kluang Station
G-10 Q-Bistro
G-03 Hock Hua Tonic
G-04 Miyamondo Photo Shop
G-05 My News.com
G-06 Optimal Optical
G-07 Yusul Money Changer

Level Sub Basement

Food & Beverage
LG-20 King’s Confectionary
LG-21 Seng Kee Fish Head Noodle
LG-35 Opening Soon
LG-34 Koong Woh Tong

LG-11 POS Malaysia
LG-43 Simila Barber Shop
LG-40 Opening Soon
LG-42 Myeg
LG-39A Kwik & Ez

Fashion & Accessories
LG-07 Adidas Factory Outlet
LG-23 AD Jeans
LG-17 Louis XIII Jeans
LG-14 Shine Shine 
LG-18  Dr Cardin 
LG-19 Around The World
LG-24 Miko Nail Gallery
LG-25 S&M Jewelry
LG-26 Lazo Diamond
LG-27 Focus Point
LG-28 Beauty Time
LG-36 Bras & Things
LG-38 Fabiano Ricco
LG-06 Yamaha Music
LG-09 Cosway
LG-10 Popular
LG-32 Manjakaki
LG-37 Hinode
LG-41 Opening Soon
LG-42 EQ Print

Health & Beauty
LG-01 Gintell
LG-02 & 03 Watson’s
LG-04& 05 101 Hair Care
 LG-13  icare Dental 
LG-15  Natural Health Farm
LG-31 Women's Wellness House
LG-33 Cutting Edgz

Telecommunication & IT
LG-08 All IT Hypermarket
LG-29 TV Direct
LG-30 Maxis
LG-OL-02 P1
LG-OL-03 Samsung
LG-OL-04 Opening Soon

Kid'’s World
LG-16 Anakku